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How to Book a Shoot?
It is super simple to book!  From the SERVICES page or the PRICING PAGE, select the Category of shoot you want: Real Estate/Rental, Restaurant/Commercial, Construction, Video Walk Through.  You will be able to enter in all of your information on an intake form: the property info, all the services you want, view and sign your Contract, see your Invoice and make you Payment all in one step!
How do I know it is confirmed?
We will send you an email confirmation once your shoot is booked or call/email if the time needs to be changed.  Your shoot is ONLY confirmed if you have completed the intake form completely, signed the contract and made your deposit payment.
How will my photos be delivered?
Your photos will be delivered via a link coming from Nic Fierro Photo, where you can view and download 2 different size files.
I can’t figure out how to download my images.
We will send you an email from Nic Fierro Photo with a subject that will generally say, “Photos for {property address} are ready.”  Note on this email will be a 4-digit download code.  You will need this, along with your email address to download the images.
Follow the link to be able to view the photos.  You can select the images you want by clicking on the image and clicking the favorite “heart” on the upper right corner of the page.  OR when you are on the gallery page of all of the images, you can hover your cursor over the image and click on the heart that pops up.  This will gather all the photos you want to download in a “favorites file” that can be accessed from the main gallery page, upper right, “heart” icon.  If you click on the heart, you will see all the images you favorited and can download just those images from that page.
If you would like to download ALL images provided, from the main gallery page, you can select the down arrow from the upper right and follow the prompts to download all images.
My photos look blurry when I upload them, what’s going on?
We highly encourage you to download the images you intend to go on the MLS in Web Size.  Web Size is the appropriate size for most MLS formats.  If you want to post the images to social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or anywhere else on-line, download the image in High-Res. The High-Res files will be much larger files that will be more clear for all other web platforms and printing of marketing materials.
I am unhappy with my photos. What can I do?
We never want a client to be unhappy with the photos.  We try to highlight every properties best assets but sometimes the condition of the home or how the property is left by the owner can make it difficult.  If you are unhappy with the photos, please contact Nic Fierro Photo within 5 days of receiving the images.
Will you clean up the house to make it look nicer?
No. The home will be shot as-is.  Nic Fierro Photo will not “spruce-up” or clean up the home.  It is the home owner or property managers responsibility to have the property prepared properly for the shoot.  This means getting rid of clutter, opening blinds, putting away clothing, keeping common area free of unnecessary items such as toys, dog beds, boxes, etc.  If the client is unhappy with how the photos turned out due the state of the property, note there is a $75 re-shoot fee.
Can the home owner be at the shoot?
It is preferable for the owner not to be there.  The less people on the property the better.